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Justin Bieber drops inspirational new track "Hold On"

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Justin Bieber is telling his fans to “Hold On” in his brand new single, which promises that they will always have someone who is willing to fight for them, no matter the obstacle.

The Canadian heartthrob dropped his new track and accompanying music video at the stroke of midnight.

“I need you to hold on/ Heaven is a place not too far away/ We all know I should be the one to say we all make mistakes,” Bieber sings in the upbeat hopeful track. “Take my hand and hold on/ Tell me everything that you need to say/ ‘Cause I know how it feels to be someone/ Feels to be someone who loses their way.”

The “Hold On” music video is more heartbreaking than hopeful, as it tells the story of how far one person will go to keep the person they love alive, even if it means risking their own safety.

Bieber plays the boyfriend of actress Christine Ko‘s character, who is diagnosed with cancer and her condition slowly deteriorates — forcing Bieber to consider taking drastic measures as the bills continue to pile up.

After selling everything he can to afford her treatments, the Grammy winner then uses a toy gun to rob a bank and leads police on a major chase, but is shot by an officer when he stops his motorcycle.

Injured, Bieber makes a beeline to the hospital, where he leads officers to the room where his girlfriend lays fighting for her life.  As he jumps onto her bed, she wraps her arms protectively around him and looks at the officers pouring into the room.

“Hold On” is the latest release from Justin’s upcoming sixth studio album JUSTICE, which will also include Justin’s current hits “Lonely,” “Holy” and “Anyone.”  The EP comes out March 19.

By Megan Stone
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