Justin Bieber Stars In DJ Khaled And Drake’s “Popstar” Video

The video for DJ Khaled and Drake’s Popstar is out…and Justin Bieber is the star.
In the setup for the video, Khaled blows up Drake’s phone telling him that it’s time to shoot the video.
After Drake complains that Khaled won’t leave him alone, he calls in a favor for Bieber to star in the clip.
Cue Justin, bodyguards, mansions, bling, and plenty of women, and the video gets done. Or does it? Toward the end, it’s all a dream in Bieber’s head. He wakes up in bed with his wife Hailey and recounts his dream. When they go out for a walk, Drake does call him. Did Bieber have a premonition?
What song could you lip-sync the best?