Kanye Says Kim Kardashian Is “Still My Wife” Despite Divorce

While talking about Kim Kardashian on Drink Champs podcast, Kanye referred to Kim as his wife.
While telling a story Kanye said, My wife, because she still my wife, it ain’t no paperwork…
And then Kanye went back to telling his story which actually had nothing to do with Kim Kardashian.

Do you think Kim and Kanye will ever divorce?

He also said Jay-Z is selfish on Drink Champs.
Kanye said when they were working on Watch The Throne he gave up a couple songs from his solo album to put on Watch The Throne.
Kanye gave up ‘Otis’ and he wanted Jay-Z to give up Holy Grail ftg Justin Timberlake from his Magna Carta album to put on Watch The Throne.
Jay-Z refused.
Kanye said, we need to put this on this album and he was like nah. Everybody knows Jay-Z is very selfish. We all love him but you know he’s very selfish. He’ll say like ‘man I’m selfish.’
What was your favorite part of the Drink Champs interview.