Kanye West Buys House Across the Street From Kim Kardashian

Kanye West has lost his $60 million Hidden Hills home to his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian.

According to an anonymous tip to the gossip site, Deuxmoi, Kanye has been “homeless,” living in a warehouse in SoHo, in downtown Los Angeles, the tip says he, “Casually walks and hangs out. Been here since hoover concert.”

Kim has been living in the Hidden Hills home with the couple’s four children. According to court documents, Kim paid cash to even things out between her and Kanye during the “cordial,” negotiations.

Kanye pleaded during the Larry Hoover benefit concert for Kim to “run back to him,” however the reality show star asked the court to grant her single status and for “West” to be dropped from her name.

Do you think Kim and Pete Davidson are serious about their relationship or are they just having fun?