Katy Perry and Quavo Reveal New Projects at Capitol Congress

Capitol Music held their annual Capitol Congress on Wednesday night (August 7th). The event gives artists a chance to introduce new projects as well as be honored for their work.

Motown legend Barry Gordy received an icon award in honor of his historic label. Gordy is the second recipient for the award, the inaugural icon award went to Paul McCartney.

Katy Perry received a plaque for her 100 million RIAA song certifications for her digital sales, she’s one of five artists to have reached the career milestone. Perry also debuted her new song, “Small Talk” co-written by Charlie Puth which will hit radio and streaming platforms this Friday (August 9th).

Quavo of the Migos also revealed an upcoming project with Marginal Mediaworks founder/CEO Sanjay Sharma, Imagine Kids+Family president Stephanie Sperber and CMG for an animated series aimed at 8-12-year-old children. The animated series will focus on the hip-hop scene of Atlanta’s Northside where Quavo and other Migos members grew up, “I have long seen how hip-hop, as well as [Migos’] music really impacts kids. I’ve loved animation my whole life whether on TV or in movies and I wanted my first jump into this premium content world to be a show just for kids,” Quavo said.

What do you think of Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” song? What as your favorite animated cartoon/movie as a kid?