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Katy Perry on upcoming Las Vegas residency: “Think: Super Bowl, but super-sized”

Christine Hahn/Resorts World Las Vegas/Concerts West/AEG Presents

Katy Perry kicks off her first Las Vegas residency, Play, at Resorts World this December, and if you thought her past productions were over-the-top, well, Katy says you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Speaking to Variety, Katy says that the residency will be “Pop on ‘roids,” adding, “It is literally larger than life. Think: Super Bowl, but supersized.”

“This isn’t the next tour, next record, next era. This is an accumulation of everything I’ve been able to offer and the hits and what the people like,” she continues, adding, “It’s going to be big, colorful and it will have a level of humor to it that is probably the weirdest I’ve ever done….Its humor is dark. It’s a little wrong — but a good wrong.”

“I feel like we have the most unique show that a musician has ever brought to Vegas,” Katy concludes.

One reason Katy’s so eager to do Vegas, though, is because it fits so well into her new life as a mom to one-year-old Daisy. “I’m doing 40 shows a year,” she explains. “I’m able to see my baby. I get to take her to school. I’m also going to be able to do a lot of other things. It’s not the world tour, which I will go on eventually again, but it’s great.”

As for new music, Katy says she’s “carving away at my next sculpture,” but notes that what she’s writing “has so much love behind it.”

“That’s the driving force, which is great because I feel like I’ve written a lot from the perspective of yearning and desire and sometimes not feeling like I’m enough,” she explains. “Or I write these empowering songs to help remind myself that I am. Now it’s like a blanket of love. I’m excited.”

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