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Katy Perry revealing album cover art via virtual popped balloons

Liza Voloshin

Katy Perry‘s new album is due next month, but we still don’t have a title for it, or any album art.  But that changes now.

Katy has posted an invitation for her fans to “tweet to pop”: She’s created an interactive website that looks like an old-fashioned carnival game, and if you tweet about the album cover art, you’ll be able to virtually “pop” one of the balloons obscuring the artwork to reveal it.

“Try your luck to reveal Katy Perry’s Magnificent New Album Cover,” reads the carnival booth.

“Help me find my smile,” she writes. “Play and Win…what you’ve been asking for.”

It seems like Katy is hinting that the album title may have the word “smile” in it, or perhaps just an image of her smiling.  All will likely be revealed very soon.

The album, Katy’s fifth, is due August 14, right around the time she’s expecting to welcome her baby daughter.

By Andrea Dresdale
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