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Katy Perry shows off new designer baby gift…with help from her dog

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Liza Voloshin

Katy Perry hasn’t let us see her new baby Daisy Dove yet, but she’s been happy to show us all the loot she’s getting thanks to the new arrival.

After showing off a bouquet of flowers from Beyonce, and a unicorn robe from Lionel Richie, Katy posted a video on her Instagram Story of a super-fancy stroller with a big bow on top. Hanging from the front is a shopping bag from the fashion label Moschino, with a tag reading “Daisy.” 

“All a baby needs is a bed, some boob, and some love…but maaaaybe a little Moschino by Jeremy Scott!  Isn’t that right, Nugget?” Katy asks in the video. 

She then snatches the shopping bag away, revealing her tiny dog, Nugget, perched in the seat of the stroller.

Katy tagged her pal Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott in the story, indicating that he’s the one who sent her the gift.  The two are very close: He dressed her for the Super Bowl, and designed her now-iconic hamburger outfit for the Met Gala after-party.  He also created many of her Met Gala red carpet looks, including her 2019 chandelier outfit, and her 2015 graffiti dress.

By Andrea Dresdale
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