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Katy Perry wins permanent restraining order against stalker

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Katy Perry will have one less thing to worry about these days, now that a judge has has granted a permanent restraining order against the man she accuses of stalking her and threatening her family.

The suspect, 38-year-old William Terry, has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Katy, her fiancé Orlando Bloom, their newborn baby girl Daisy, in addition to Bloom’s son Flynn from his previous marriage to Miranda Kerr, for the next three years, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

Additionally, Terry is prohibited from attempting to contact Katy, her family or her staff on social media or posting anything about her, and must stay away from her concerts or live performances.

The “Smile” singer filed for protection against Terry after he allegedly jumped the fence at her Beverly Hills property in September and was arrested for trespassing.

Katy claimed Terry pulled the same stunt in August, after posting alarming messages on social media for months leading up to it, according to the gossip website. She feared he’d try it again if she did not get court-ordered protection.

Terry’s online activity reportedly included numerous graphic and sexually explicit posts about Katy, comments about killing dogs and cops, threats to “snap Orlando Bloom’s neck” and wishing Flynn and Miranda would “catch covid and die.”

By George Costantino
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