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Kelly Clarkson’s giggle-fit filled interview with Sandra Bullock goes viral for all the right reasons

The Kelly Clarkson Show - Season 3
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Kelly Clarkson and Sandra Bullock are going viral for the most adorable reason — the two couldn’t stop laughing during their interview.

The “Catch My Breath” singer recently welcomed Sandra onto her daytime talk show and the two took a moment to bask in each other’s presence.  But the shenanigans started shortly after the Bird Box star referenced Kelly’s American Idol win, which opened herself up to being asked if she supported Kelly’s rival Justin Guarini in the finals.

“I’m just kidding,” the singer guffawed and doubled over in her seat. Collapsing into giggle fits was the definite theme of their interview.

As the ladies continued to gush over each other in an attempt to establish who admired the other more, they were completely unable to maintain a straight face.  Kelly announced several times that she was “sweating” because of her deep admiration for Sandra and, at one point, threatened “I’m gonna cry” because they had been laughing so hard.

Kelly and Sandra also commiserated over the challenges of motherhood, from not understanding new math, battling over screen time, to trying to convince their young children that they aren’t ready for a cellphone. 

The two also philosophized over the value of forgiving and forgetting, but even that deep conversation was interrupted by frequent giggles and zingers about why people drink.

The Oscar-winning actress was there to promote her serious movie, The Unforgivable, which is about a woman who is rebuilding her life after being incarcerated for a violent crime.  The two did not crack a smile when discussing the film and its heartbreaking theme of learning to love someone by letting them go.

The Unforgivable is streaming now on Netflix.

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