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Kesha empties out her closet to auction off her clothes for charity

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If you ever wanted to own something from Kesha‘s one-of-a-kind wardrobe, now’s your chance.

The “Praying” artist scavenged through her closet and is putting a variety of her signature outfits on the auction block to raise money for Black Lives Matter and MusiCares.

animallsssss !!!!! Fun news,” the 33-year-old announced Thursday. “I’m Cleaning out my closet (and storage units and basement ) for charity!  Tik Tok on the clock yaaa the party won’t start til you walk in in one of my pre-partied in, pre-loved, shows-played-in, kissed-boys-in, one of a kind items!”

Dubbed “Kesha’s Rainbow Collection,” fans of the Grammy nominee can bid on eBay to win a piece of Kesha’s famous wardrobe, like the stunning black dress she wore at the 2010 American Music Awards.

Bidding on the first round of Kesha collectibles ends Tuesday.  However, if you miss out on something this week, the “Since I Was Young” singer intends to launch another auction filled with even more statement pieces.

“new items every week,” she playfully promised.

It also should be noted that some critics teased Kesha’s over how she advertised her charity auction — mainly the three fliers she posted to her social media accounts.  The posters are simple glamor shots of her and her cats with “Kesha’s Rainbow Collection” scrawled over them in crass rainbow lettering.

“This is so generous of you but was there no one on your team who could help with the graphic design?,” one fan asked the pop star, to which Kesha humorously quipped, “ummmm my cats made it.”

By Megan Stone
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