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Kesha reveals more about upcoming paranormal series: “I wanted to catch actual proof of the unexplainable”

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Kesha helps us explore the supernatural in her new reality series, Conjuring Kesha, which premieres next month on Discovery+.

The “TiK ToK” singer said her paranormal series is not something you want to miss — especially if you’re a believer. “To me, the supernatural comes naturally,” she said in a statement. “It started with my insatiable curiosity, my eternal searching for something bigger than me.”

Kesha adds her quest for answers has “motivated my art, informed my music and has given a purpose to my entire life.”

And while her hunt for the supernatural is motivated by her “eternal search for proof of God,” she says Conjuring Kesha is more than about your run-of-the-mill thrills and chills. She also brings along some celebrity guests who may or may not be equipped to tangle with the unknown.

Guests include comedian Whitney CummingsBachelorette star JoJo Fletcher and more.

“It’s the adventures that I have with my friends that take these pilgrimages to the next level and make them a reality,” the Grammy nominee dished. But it won’t be just them, she also tasks some of the nation’s top paranormal experts to help.

Kesha and crew will travel to some downright creepy and haunted locations like the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary, which is famous for its demonic activity. She will also hunt for cryptids, like Bigfoot, when wandering the forests of California’s Mount Shasta.

“I wanted to catch actual proof of the unexplainable. If we could catch these things on camera, then what else could be true?” she queried.

Conjuring Kesha premieres Friday, July 8 on Discovery+.

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