Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Defends Star Losing 16lbs in Three Weeks

While on the red carpet of The Met Gala Kim Kardashian said she had to lose 16 pounds to fit into the Marilyn Monroe dress.
She said she stopped eating carbs and sugar.
Many interpreted that to mean she starved herself.
Her trainer has come forward to share how Kim lost the weight.
Her trainer, Don-A-Matrix aka Don “DB” Brooks says they worked out twice a day.
He said she ate a balanced diet.
He said it is possible to lose up to 20 pounds in a healthy way.
He was also asked what he would say to Lili Reinhart who blasted Kim’s red carpet admission.
He said he would tell her, come down and see The Matrix.
Do people invest too much time and energy in how celebrities live their lives? Have you ever lost weight for an event or an outfit?