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Kim Petras says it would be “surreal and incredible” if she and Sam Smith won a Grammy for “Unholy”

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Kim Petras is keeping her fingers crossed that “Unholy” earns her and collaborator Sam Smith a Grammy.

The German pop star told Variety about the origins of the sultry single that blew up online and across the global music charts. Kim said this song was five years in the making.

“Sam reached out pretty early in my career,” she explained and admitted that even though she’s a big fan of Smith, she waited until the perfect song landed on her lap. When she heard a demo for “Unholy,” Kim jumped at the opportunity because she “knew I could add something special to it.”

As for Sam, Kim said they “felt like I was the right fit, it means so much because I was able to be myself.”

“A week later, we were in the studio drinking whiskey and coming up with slutty lyrics,” she laughed, adding the two spent months perfecting the single. “It’s existed in my life for five months and I’ve built my entire life around it.”

While Kim “always believed it was going to be big,” she said the song’s meteoric success feels like a “fever dream.”

The song is eligible to be nominated for a Grammy, and Kim said winning one “would be surreal and incredible.” Kim, who is a transgender woman, said just a nod would be vindicating.

“I always felt like an outsider, so I built this very LGBTQ+ space around me and focused on my diehard fans in the community,” she explained. “The Grammys recognizing that I’m a good songwriter or I sing on good songs would mean the world to me.”

She added, “My own little fairy tale is happening right now. I’m just so grateful to Sam and everyone that likes the song.”

Grammy nominations will be announced November 15.

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