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Kylie Jenner SERVES as Bride of Frankenstein

The countdown to Halloween is officially over, which can only mean that the Kardashians are READY to give it their all…

Kylie Jenner absolutely turned heads as the Bride of Frankenstein, dressed in a mummified wrap body-con dress in custom Jean Paul Gaultier, along with the signature updo.

Older sister Kendall Jenner is ready for the rodeo as sexy ‘Jesse’ from Toy Story, flaunting denim underwear and cow-print chaps.

However, when it comes to dressing up, everyone knows Kim Kardashian will give it her absolute all, and this year, she did not disappoint.

Kim dressed as Marvel’s ‘Mystique’, covered from head to toe in a blue bodysuit, a sleeked back red hairdo, and those signature yellow contacts.

Leave it up to the Kardashians to take over the scariest (and sexiest) holiday!