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Lady Gaga reveals she once flunked a LensCrafters commercial audition

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Lady Gaga‘s acting career is taking off, but she revealed in a new interview that it wasn’t always smooth sailing. In fact, the Oscar winner recalled a rather humiliating experience when auditioning for a LensCrafters commercial back in the day.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Gaga opened up about her Achilles heel that would flare up whenever she tried landing a role.

“I was terrible at auditioning. I was so bad. I could never get a role. I used to just freeze,” the House of Gucci star admitted. “I would stand there and go, ‘Oh my God. Ah! You’ve got to do this perfect. I’m not making my dad proud.'”

Those nerves got the better of her when auditioning at a LensCrafters commercial callback. She did not get the part.

Gaga has come a long way since that fateful audition and has an Oscar and a Golden Globe to prove it.  She took home the Oscar for best original song in 2019 for A Star Is Born, but she was also nominated for best actress, losing to The Favourite‘s Olivia Colman.  Her starring role in American Horror Story: Hotel earned her the best actress Golden Globe in 2016. 

Gaga is poised to add more awards to her collection, with Hollywood buzzing over her performance of Patrizia Reggiani in the upcoming House of Gucci.  Gaga herself says it’s a performance of a lifetime, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “Meaning I put my entire lifetime into her.”

House of Gucci premieres in theaters November 24.


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