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Lana Del Rey urges fans not to listen to leaked music and book manuscript after being stolen on Hard Drives

Singer Elizabeth Grant, known professionally as Lana Del Rey, updated her fans on Instagram, disclosing that her hard drives containing her new album, book manuscript, and other files were stolen after her car was recently broken into.

“I had to remotely wipe the computer that had my 200-page book for Simon & Schuster, which I didn’t have backed up on a cloud, and despite that, people are still able this week to remotely access my phone and leak our songs and personal photos,” the singer said.

Grant urged her listeners to not listen to her leaked album: “Please don’t listen to the music if you hear it because it’s not coming out yet. And, in terms of the book, I loved the book that I lost with all of my heart and put a lot of passion into it. And in terms of the camcorders, we shall see what happens with that.”

Her ninth studio album is set to release soon.