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Lance Bass is ready to host the gay version of ‘The Bachelor’

ABC/Craig Sjodin

He’s currently filling in as host of Bachelor in Paradise, but Lance Bass says he can’t wait until the day there’s a fully LGBTQ+ version of the hit ABC franchise.

Speaking to Variety, the *NSYNC member says, laughing, “If you want the most dramatic season ever, do an LGBT version. I think maybe it’s the time for The Bachelor to do a gay Bachelor. I think that would be so much fun. And I definitely know a host if you need it.”

While Lance admits that he hasn’t actually discussed the possibility of hosting such a season with The Bachelor powers-that-be, he says he would be “so down” to do it.

I like that they’re trying different things and I think the next step, the obvious step, would to be an LGBT version,” says Lance, referring to the fact that The Bachelor is currently planning a version with a cast of senior citizens.

“I would love to see a show where you had lesbian, gay, trans, bi,” he adds. “To me, bisexual is just such an interesting thing to watch because everyone is an option.”

Lance is a Bachelor super-fan in general, but Bachelor in Paradise is his favorite — especially this season, because he met his husband, Michael Turchin, near the shooting site in Punta Mita, Mexico. The couple is expecting twins via surrogate in the fall.


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