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Lance Bass on babies’ first Halloween, more BackSYNC for 2022, and making your “presence” count this holiday season

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*NSYNC’s Lance Bass loves the holidays, but now that he’s a father, he’s really going all-in, starting with Halloween.

Lance and his husband Michael Turchin recently welcomed twins Violet and Alexander, and he tells ABC Audio, “We’re excited to dress up the kiddos, I mean, they’re little blobs, so we’re going to try to put them in Halloween costumes if they can fit.”

“A friend of ours gave us these crocheted Star Wars outfits, one of Princess Leia, one of Han Solo. And I’m hoping that they fit into these costumes,” he adds. “So many people sent us [costumes]…we have Halloween costumes for the next three years!”

Looking ahead to Christmas, Lance has partnered with Starbucks for the coffee chain’s Holiday “Presence” Exchange, which is celebrating reconnecting with the family this year after missing out last year due to COVID-19. Lance explains, “This year, when you’re around the family, you want to make it count. And so we’re giving some really great tips on how you can…be really present for the holidays.”

You can find those suggestions at Starbucks’ Holiday Presence Exchange Website, but Lance says they include joining the fam in reminiscing about memorable holidays past, playing games, journaling, putting away your cell phones and putting on some holiday music.

And then heading into 2022, Lance says we’ll see more of the cross-pollination between Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC that took place this year.

Nick Carter and myself are doing a show where we’re trying to find the next great American boy band, and we’re going to need the help of all of our fellow boy band members,” Lance reveals, adding that he wants to “reclaim the boy band title in America, because right now, South Korea has got the title!”

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