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Lil Nas X asks fans to stop with the Harry Styles comparisons

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Harry Styles made headlines over the weekend for what he wore to last Sunday’s Grammy Awards — particularly his use of feather boas and bright colors.  However, fans of Lil Nas X took issue with how much the “Watermelon Sugar” singer was praised for breaking gender norms. 

To recap, Lil Nas X has boldly experimented with out-of-the-box fashion ideas on the red carpet — like the pink pleather cowboy getup he wore to last year’s Grammys or the sparkling silver tux he donned for the VMA Awards. 

But, unlike Styles, the “Old Town Road” rapper has not received the same amount of praise and attention for his style, which has his fans seeing red.

The singer’s fans aired their grief online and, to Lil Nas X’s dismay, slammed Styles’ award show look and fashion choices in the process.  

The rapper — born Montero Hill — eventually took to Twitter to tell his fans to stand down and not take their frustration out on Styles.

“Been seeing post like these lately and i wanna say stop using me as a bait against harry styles,” the “Panini” artist expressed on Thursday. “i love harry, if y’all [enjoy] what i wear say it without mentioning him.”

With that off his chest, Lil Nas X went right back to promoting his upcoming single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” which drops next Friday, March 26.

By Megan Stone
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