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Lil Nas X continues to troll listeners with hilarious “I [Heart] Jesus and…” t-shirts

Filip Ćustić

Lil Nas X‘s latest video, for his number-one hit “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” has been wildly controversial, what with its scenes of Nas traveling to Hell and giving Satan himself a lap dance before killing the Prince of Darkness and taking his throne.  But the artist continues to poke fun at the outrage — this time with his new line of merch.

X is now selling t-shirts with the slogan “I [Heart] Jesus” in big letters. Underneath that, in slightly smaller letters, it adds: “And that one part in the ‘Montero’ music video by Lil Nas X when he gets nasty with the Devil because it was a cool form of self-expression and art.”

Another t-shirt design says, “I watched the ‘Montero’ video by Lil Nas X and all I got was this lousy shirt and now I’m also gay and love Satan.”

The shirts will set you back $33 each.

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