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Lil Nas X makes waves with emotionally charged debut album ‘Montero’

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After spending months hyping his debut album, Lil Nas X‘s emotionally charged Montero is finally here.

Released Friday at midnight, Lil Nas X also delighted fans by dropping the heartbreaking music video for the song, “That’s What I Want.”

The single explores the 22-year-old Grammy winner’s pains of the heart as he openly craves sharing his life and success with a significant other that loves and needs him just as much.  Lil Nas X also confesses that he’s garnered a reputation “for givin’ love away,” admitting it’s a crutch to combat the loneliness that’s consuming him.

The music video follows Lil Nas X loving and, eventually, losing the man he thought was going to be his forever, culminating with the rapper donning a wedding dress and walking down the aisle to accept a guitar given to him by Billy Porter.

Montero boasts a robust list of collaborators, including Elton John, Miley CyrusDoja CatMegan Thee Stallion and several others.

Montero explores personal themes of self-hatred and struggling with self-acceptance, such as in the track “Sun Goes Down,” with lyrics describing what it means to be happy or at peace with one’s self.  The album, which boasts an array of pop and hip hop crossover tracks, also features the song “Dead Right Now,” which has Lil Nas X looking back at those who have doubted him when he took a leap of faith to drop out of college and pursue his dream of making music.

Montero is now available to purchase and stream everywhere.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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