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Lil Nas X teams with Michael J Fox to tease his new Christmas single, "Holiday"

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It’s been several years since Lil Nas X released his history-making single “Old Town Road” and, now, he’s teasing a festive new tune to ring in the holiday season.

In a time-traveling teaser that features a cowboy Michael J. Fox, the Grammy Award winning artist hearkens back to his debut single by riding a horse through a portal that brings him to the wild west.

As the beginning notes of “Old Town Road” thrum in the background, the singer trots into the American frontier settlement and glances at an old wanted poster that bears his resemblance.

However, an opportunity arises when an inebriated man dressed as Santa Claus is thrown out of a nearby saloon and passes out in the dust.

Nas X then picks up the Santa hat, which references the Tim Allen-led comedy The Santa Clause by flashing a binding agreement in the brim, “You are the new Santa.”

The rapper looks over to his horse, watching as it sprouts antlers and transforms into a reindeer just as a blizzard blows into town. 

Likewise, Nas X throws on the hat and spins around as his cowboy getup melts away, revealing Santa Nas X — complete with a full bushy black beard and spectacles.

The blaring notes of his new single, “Holiday,” cheerfully blare in the background as he boards his sleigh and takes off as Fox looks on.

The Back to the Future actor tips his hat as he hilariously cautions, “Whatever you do, Nas, don’t go to 2020.”

“Holiday” premieres this Friday, November 13.

Nas X isn’t only celebrating that this single will be his first in 2 years, he also promised fans that — in addition to a brand new song — if the teaser trailer racks up over 5,000 comments, he’ll “drop the video too.”



By Megan Stone
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