Lil Wayne & Eminem Interview Announced For Young Money Radio

Get ready for your day to be made! Lil Wayne just announced that his guest on Young Money radio will be Eminem. The two musical giants will come together for some G.O.A.T talk on Friday night (May 8) at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

Wayne made the announcement on his Instagram page with a picture of black and white picture of Eminem with the caption. “Ready for some real GOAT talk?! Pull up at 4pm PT/7pm ET. A convo wit me and Mr. Mathers.”

The interview will be done live in Wayne’s Miami studio and is a part of the Apple Music series. The previous installments of Young Money radio featured DJ Khaled, Drake, and Stephen A. Smith.

If you could be a part of the Q&A between Wayne and Eminem, what question would you ask?