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Lukas Graham on his "pandemic-y, COVID-friendly" new collaboration, "Too Late"

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Electronic DJ trio Cash Cash has released a new song called “Too Late,” based on a song that Lukas Graham started one day but never got around to finishing.  Both artists are featured on the track, and so is Wiz Khalifa. Lukas thinks it’s pretty funny that he was able to do the whole thing without ever leaving his home country of Denmark.

“It’s, like, so pandemic-y, very COVID-friendly collaboration, sending things back and forth,” Lukas laughs to ABC Audio. “It was very fun but super-weird, like, writing a whole song without talking to each other…just sending emails back and forth!”

As for how these three very different artists got together, Lukas says it all started when he wrote the hook for “Too Late” a few years ago.

“I didn’t really know how to finish the song myself. I tried a few times and then it just kind of sat,” he explains.

Then one day, Lukas’ manager told him that Cash Cash had created a track around the hook.

“I heard it and I really, really loved what they did to it,” says Lukas. “I tried to write a verse to that and it didn’t really work. And then, suddenly, Wiz Khalifa was on it!”

The song’s video was also a COVID-friendly production, as Lukas notes.

“I was actually supposed to record it in the Royal Theater in Copenhagen, but lockdowns happened…so we had to find a theater outside of the capital…a tiny theater, like, 480 people can sit in it,” says Lukas. “But the cameraman made it look like we were in [L.A.’s] Orpheum, where Wiz and Cash Cash shot their their parts.”

He laughs, “We were like a continent and a half and a huge ocean apart….another transatlantic collaboration!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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