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Lukas Graham "Shares That Love" with G.Eazy in new video, plans new album for 2020

Anders Berg

Lukas Graham has now released an official video for his latest track, “Share That Love,” featuring G. Eazy.

Lukas, sporting long, flowing hair, tools around his hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark, meets up with pals, shares some beer and drives them around on his bicycle.  Meanwhile, G. Eazy drives a vintage convertible in LA and stops on a bridge to deliver his verse.

Intercut with the footage of the two artists singing are shots of various couples, all “sharing the love” with each other, sometimes in gritty or less-than-ideal circumstances.

“We went back to basics on this one. Back home where i grew up. Love looks like a lot of things and isn’t always romantic, shots from Copenhagen to LA,” Lukas tweeted.

As for Lukas’ future musical plans, he let his fans decide for him. A few days ago, he tweeted, “So I’ve been writing & collecting songs for an album, and I LOVE the songs that are competing to be on it. BUT, I have people telling me not to think about an album, because people only listen to singles & selected/highlighted tracks now.”

“So I’m being told to make an album of only singles, no ‘album tracks,’” he continued. “Had I done so before songs like ‘Funeral’ [and] ‘Hold My Hand’ (finish the list yourself) would have never made it on an album. And that kind of thinking concerns me.”

“Because I believe in listening to an album from start to finish, with highs & lows, as an experience,” Lukas added. “And I’m honestly a little lost atm. I just like writing & singing songs. So, what is your take on all this?”

Evidently, the fans’ preference came through loud and clear. He tweeted on Wednesday, “So we all agree. Full album it is. Coming up 2021.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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