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Lynne Spears insists Britney Spears must cover her $660k in attorney fees

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Lynne Spears isn’t giving up on having her daughter, Britney Spears, pay her attorney fees.

Page Six obtained legal documents filed by the matriarch, claiming the over $660,000 in expenses was spent to help free Britney from her 13-year conservatorship.  The court documents state Britney “pleaded with her mother” in May 2019 to have her father, Jamie Spears, removed as conservator because of his “incredibly abusive acts.”

“Within one month of Lynne Spears becoming formally involved … the personal restrictions on [Britney] began to be removed,” the documents state. “Within five months of Lynne Spears’ involvement … Jamie Spears resigned as [Britney’s] conservator of the person.”

The laundry list goes on, claiming Britney was able to hire her own legal counsel — Attorney Mathew Rosengart — and freed from the conservatorship in November 2021 all because of Lynne Spears’ “relentless advocacy.”

Lynne’s attorneys, Yasha Bronshteyn and Gladstone N. Jones III, further attest “the status quo would have continued” had their client not become involved in the legal battle.

The attorneys argue, “Because [Britney] asked her mother to make those efforts, and because the efforts made were very successful, [Lynne] believes that equities run in favor of [Britney’s] estate or trust compensating for those efforts.”

“While acknowledging that the requested fee is in the six figures, [Lynne] respectfully suggests that the request pales in comparison to the millions and millions of dollars that were spent by Jamie Spears to keep [Britney] in her untenable conservatorship, and to perform activities that [Britney] did not request, and that were not in her best interest,” the papers further state.

Britney’s attorney previously said Lynne’s request has “no legal basis” and objected to covering the expenses, stating Britney is no longer the “family’s sole breadwinner.” 

A future hearing on the matter has been set for July 20.

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