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Mariah Carey shares a sweet video of her teaching her kids a Hanukkah song

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Mariah Carey may go all out for Christmas, but that isn’t stopping her from teaching her kids about the other religious celebrations that coincide during the holidays. 

To mark the beginning of Hanukkah on Sunday, the Grammy winner introduced her 10-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan to a song about the Festival of Lights.

“Learned this one in grade school, thought I’d teach it to Roc & Roe,” Mariah tweeted alongside a video of her performing it to her yawning children.  Because her kids appeared a little unimpressed — Moroccan rolls his eyes while Monroe dramatically yawns —  the singer jokingly added, “I don’t think they’ve got it yet.”

The video features Mariah and her family sitting at what appears to be a restaurant booth as she sings, “Hanukkah is coming!/ Hanukkah is coming!/ That’s a time we have the happiest days.”

Several fans have since asked the “Fantasy” singer to share the complete song since it appears to be original in nature.  The gesture also gained praise from Mariah’s Jewish followers, who thanked her for recognizing their holiday.

“Happy Hanukkah!! This is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate!! As a Jewish lamb, it means a lot that you posted this, love you so much Mariah,” one fan tweeted.

Hanukkah ends Monday, December 6.

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