Master P Responds to Kodak Black’s Comments

A small war of words has broken out between Kodak Black and Master P. After Master P gave Kodak advice about not flaunting money and guns and to try to do some good in the community, Black had an issue.
Kodak said (on The Breakfast Club), “How you gonna say ‘okay it ain’t about no money’ but then turn around and be on some money sh*t?”
Master P released an Instagram video responding to the criticism. In the caption, he said, “2019 I’m investing my energy, time, and money into movies because movies can’t talk back. If you want to be successful it’s ok to say you don’t know everything. It’s ok to reach out to people who have been there before you. Put your trust and faith in God.”
He continued, “Just remember the same people you tried to play games with on the way up you might need on the way down. I realized I can’t change or save people because you have to want to do that yourself. Don’t be afraid to grow up. Most importantly never burn relationships with people that kept it 100 with you.”
Do you think younger rappers look at the last generation of stars as role models or relics?