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MAX's deluxe 'Colour Vision' will tide you over until his next album, inspired by baby daughter

Raul Gonzo

MAX just released a deluxe edition of his 2020 album,  Colour Vision, which features his RIAA-Platinum single “Love Me Less,” alternate versions and remixes, all of which have collectively racked up more than 700 million streams.  The deluxe edition, which MAX says features “subtle surprises,” should tide fans over until his next album, which he says will be inspired by being a first-time dad to his baby daughter, Edie Celine.

“I’m having a great time with this new album…[and with] this new monumental thing in my life, with Edie being born, just trying to write to a new chapter,” MAX tells ABC Audio. “And finding things that hopefully not only make me super-excited, but bring some energy to the fans.”

So when you get that inspiration, it’s so rare, you just got to keep digging,” he notes. “So I’ve written…30 songs for the new album, and I’m hoping for a hundred!”

MAX and wife Emily welcomed Edie on December 1, 2020.  He says the most surprising thing about fatherhood has been how right it feels.

“You know when something feels so right that you almost freak yourself out and psych yourself out?” he explains. “I think when she came out, the first time I saw her, it was just obvious: ‘Oh, this is you. I didn’t expect you to be this, but this is just you.'”

“And then everything else is kind of been the same [way]: When she laughs, or she giggles…I can’t believe she’s three months old, but I can’t believe that she wasn’t here before,” he laughs. “It’s just one of those things where…she’s supposed to have been here forever.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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