Meek Mill reflects on Drake Beef, Jay-Z’s influence, and Fatherhood

Meek Mill’s new album Expensive Pain has dropped, and He is very proud of this new album.
He said, “It’s one of my favorite right now. I think this is probably one of my favorite albums where I express myself.”
Meek also mentions what inspired him to call this project Expensive Pain.
He said, “I actually said expensive pain on a song with Uzi when we was in a booth rapping. I said, ‘You ain’t rich, your stash can’t pay my drug bill.’ Basically, we smoke a lot of weed and stuff like that, and I was playing it for Brent Faiyaz one day in the studio, he heard me say that he was like, ‘That bar hot.’ He was like, ‘That’s a fire word, expensive pain.’ He was like, ‘That should be an album title.’ And I start thinking about it and then I stuck with it.”
Meek discussed the beef he had with Drake as well. He said, “2019, I think my slowest year, me and Drake was beefing. I was at a disadvantage. He was winning, in the eyes of the people. I still walked my way through that, went through prison, I had to go through something. Once I bounced back out, Championships. We had a pandemic, two years go by, few people fading away. We in 2021, I’m going to stand on Expensive Pain, I’m going to stand on my talent, and I’m going to remain confident and hope that people pay attention to what’s going on because they got a long way to go. I’m trying to keep pushing.”
Meek also talked about his relationship with Jigga. He said, “Sometimes I even text him and be like, ‘Yo, you’re making a faster lane for all of us. I want you to know that,’ because that’s a big deal when you break barriers like the ones he break. I don’t really shy away when people I’m connected to break big barriers, and I see him do that a lot.”
What is your favorite track off Meek’s new album so far?