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Meghan Trainor reveals what happened to the letter she wrote to the person who inspired “Bad for Me”

Meghan Trainor
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Meghan Trainor‘s new song “Bad for Me” was inspired by a letter her therapist asked her to write to a toxic family member; In a new interview, the Grammy winner revealed what happened to it.

Speaking to Australia’s 7News, Meghan said, “I got with my therapist and wrote a letter to the family member and I got no response.” 

“I still haven’t got a response,” she added. The “Me Too” singer noted that instead of suffering in the radio silence, she turned to her music. “It was really hard and I wrote this song the next day,” Meghan revealed.

“I didn’t know this would be the first single off this album,” she continued, referencing her upcoming album, Takin’ It Back. “I’m usually coming out with an upbeat ‘love myself’ anthem, so this was different for me.”

Meghan said the song isn’t the only thing helping her heal — the overwhelming response from fans and those resonating with the song has lifted her spirits tremendously. “I didn’t know how relatable it would be and it made me feel not alone,” she expressed.

Elsewhere in the interview, Meghan shouted out husband Daryl Sabara and gushed, “He treats me like a queen — he makes me breakfast every day and he opens every door I walk through.”

The Clash of the Cover Bands judge also mentioned their “perfect baby” — one-year-old Riley — and revealed that she and Sabara “want three more” kids!

As for her other future plans, Meghan is keeping an eye on the pandemic and says she will launch a new tour once it is over. She also wants to go on a vacation to Australia so her son can see the wildlife.

“He needs to see kangaroos and koalas in Australia – that would be the coolest place for him,” Meghan raved.


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