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Miley Cyrus makes impassioned plea to potential voters: "It's just crucial that we get out there"

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Miley Cyrus understands that her voice and opinions matter in the upcoming election.  The “Midnight Sky” singer used her platform to encourage American voters to storm the polls on November 3.

Speaking to the Fitzy & Wippa podcast on Sunday, Miley didn’t mince words when her Australian hosts asked her thoughts about the upcoming election.

“Listen, I’m 27,” the Hannah Montana alum began, “I know I’ve never experienced an election this important before, and I’m not sure that I ever will again, I hope not in my lifetime that the stakes will be as they are now.”

Continued Miley, “I can’t express the importance enough — especially of young people — getting out there and being active and making sure that their friends, their family are voting, and have their information about whether it’s mailing in, about the state of our country right now.”

“The hate, the pain, it’s just crucial that we get out there and make changes,” the “Slide Away” singer implored, adding that the U.S. needs to elect “someone fit for the job [of] running our country.”

“I think that it’s kind of rock bottom here right now,” she added, referencing not just our current political situation, but the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing civil unrest over social justice issues and the extreme weather.

“And so I think that if it’s desperate times, that’s when people really step up.”

“I don’t believe in ‘Don’t worry. Be happy.’ I believe that worry is healthy. Worry is why we’re washing our hands, why we’re wearing our masks, why we’re keeping our distance,” she noted.

“I don’t believe in optimism, I believe in realism.”

By Megan Stone
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