Naomi Osaka launches her new skincare line called ‘Kinlo Skin’

Naomi Osaka has just launched her new skincare line called ‘Kinlo Skin’.
She made the announcement via her IG page and said, “@kinloskin out now it’s been a really surreal experience this past year working on this and having an incredible team with so much knowledge teaching me along the way. So happy with how everything turned out and I’m excited to see what you guys think.”
Her skincare line will focus on melanin-rich skin tones, and she strives to be a trusted resource for skincare.
Naomi said, “I’m so excited to share KINLÒ with you! I founded KINLÒ (a functional skincare line for people with melanated skin) to address a public health need around skin cancer prevention within our POC communities. Tennis can be challenging at times, but it has given me this platform which I am so grateful for. It allows me to help others in ways I wouldn’t have imagined otherwise. Hope you like it! XO Naomi.”
What is your favorite skincare line? Do you plan on trying Naomi’s products?