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New Music Friday: Charlie Puth, Powfu, Surfaces & Sam Fischer have new tunes for you

Sarah Pardini

Today’s New Music Friday features fresh tracks from Charlie Puth, Powfu, Surfaces and Sam Fischer.

Following the success of his single “Girlfriend,” which has racked up 33 million streams, Charlie has teamed up with “Hot Girl Bummer” artist blackbear for a new song called “Hard on Yourself.” It’s a supportive message to a woman, telling her that she should just be herself. Charlie sings, “Try not to fall apart/You’re perfect just the way you are/It will be all right/Why are you so hard on yourself?”

“Death Bed” singer Powfu has released a song called “Eyes Blue Like the Atlantic Part 2,” a collaboration with Alec Benjamin, Italian producer Sista Prod and Rxseboy. Like “Death Bed,” it has a somewhat complicated backstory.

Basically, what happened is this: A Vine artist named Ollie MN created the song’s hook several years ago. Sista Prod then turned it into a full-length song, “Eyes Blue Like the Atlantic,” which became big on TikTok.  Then Powfu, Alec Benjamin and Rxseboy got involved and recorded a whole new version, which is “Part 2.”

Pop duo Surfaces has released a new version of their hit “Sunday Best,” featuring a live piano and drums. The original version was certified platinum in June and reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Finally, “This City” singer Sam Fischer has released two tracks from his upcoming project, Homework, due out August 28.  Sam says one song, “Everybody’s Got Somebody,” is about “acknowledging your own toxic behavior and confronting the relationship or reality that messed you up.” 

He says the other song, “I Got to Live,” is about wanting to “make sure I lived in every single moment because you never know when it’s all going to get taken away.”

By Andrea Dresdale

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