Nicki Minaj Joins BIA on ‘Whole Lotta Money’ Remix

BIA’s “Whole Lotta Money” is already a vibe but now it’s getting a dose of royalty with Nicki Minaj being added to the official remix.

Nicki dropped the song after her Instagram Live on Thursday evening (July 8). The remix has already been streamed over 70 million times worldwide.

BIA was featured on Nicki’s IG Live as she talked about inviting BIA to her home studio where they recorded the remix. Nicki said she was supposed to be featured on Russ’ song, “Best on Earth” with BIA but felt that the song was good enough without her.

Nicki also says she is working on her fifth studio album and calls it her “best work yet.”

Have you heard the “Whole Lotta Money” remix featuring Nicki? Is it hot or not?