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Nicky Youre says it’s “super sick” that “Sunroof” makes people’s days “so much better”

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Nicky Youre’s song “Sunroof” first blew up on TikTok and is now all over radio. The California native says when he first wrote the song in his college bedroom in April 2021, he knew it was good, but he never expected this level of success — or the pride he feels over how the song is affecting people.

“It’s been cool just seeing reactions,” Nicky tells ABC Audio. “Like, some people leave comments about how it makes their day so much better and cheers them up and, like, gets them out of like depressive mental states, you know?”

“And so for me, I’ve kind of realized that’s, like, a really powerful thing that I can do as an artist — which is, like, super sick,” Nicky continues. “Because I’m just some random dude that makes music and now I’m able to really have an impact on people, so I’m pretty proud of that.”

Nicky says he’s also proud that a few people have reached out to tell him that he’s “their favorite new artist,” which he also deems “super sick.” But he laughs, “I only have three songs out so I think I gotta put some more out to, like, claim that title for some more people!”

But don’t worry about that — Nicky says he’s got a lot more music coming.

“I have literally so many songs,” he teases. “I have at least 10 that I feel good about putting out, probably … I was doing, like, three or four [writing] sessions a week for the past couple of months, so [I’m] just, like, sitting on a bunch of new stuff.”

For starters, Nicky tells ABC Audio he’s got a remix of “Sunroof” coming, plus “hopefully an EP this summer and all that good stuff.”

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