Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mama Plans To Fight Hard Against His Family

TMZ is reporting that Nipsey’s baby mama, Tanisha Foster is gearing up to fight for custody of her daughter Emani, she also is protesting that Sam Asghedom be the administrator of Nipsey’s estate, which he estimates to be around $2 million.

A judge is set to rule on the executor of Nipsey’s estate on June 10th and for some reason, Tanisha thinks she has a right to handle the estate.

California law says that both Emani and Cross would split Nipsey’s money, giving them each a million dollars. If Tanisha gets custody of Emani, she would have a say as to how the money is used, which is what Nipsey’s family is afraid of given her problems with the law.

A judge has ruled that Emani will remain with Nipsey’s sister, who has physical custody at the moment and who was helping to care for the 10-year-old prior to Nipsey’s death.

Do you think Nipsey’s baby mama is trying to make a money grab?