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Pink credits counseling for saving her marriage with husband Carey Hart

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When it comes to naming some of the best celebrity couples, chances are that Pink and Carey Hart make the list.  The “What About Us” singer shocked fans when she revealed that, had it not been for some therapy, she and her husband would have divorced.

During a candid chat with therapist Vanessa Inn on Instagram Live, Pink admitted on Friday that she and Hart had to work hard on maintaining their marriage.

The 40-year-old credited Inn’s intervention as to what saved her relationship — as a way to hit back at those criticizing her for going to therapy.  

“I got a lot of s*** for telling people that Carey and I have been in couples counseling with Vanessa,” Pink remarked before breaking down exactly what the therapist did to preserve her marriage.

“It’s the only reason that we’re still together,” The three-time Grammy winner admitted, saying that she and Hart began to “speak two different languages” to each other over time.

Because her and Hart’s communication changed and evolved separately over the years, Pink says it was crucial to have a third understanding party break their language barrier.

“You need someone to hear both of you and then translate it for you, and without Vanessa translating for me for the last 18 years, I mean we would not be together,” she confessed.

Pink also revealed that talking isn’t the only hurdle the two faced. “There’s a difference between connection and intimacy,” she added. “And intimacy is the part that’s hard for me.”

The mom of two added that Inn solved her intimacy problem by helping her realize that “I was the one here that was just talking.”

Pink and Hart celebrated their 14th anniversary on January 7.  They share two children: Willow, 9, and Jameson, 3.

By Megan Stone
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