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Pink says she wouldn’t want to handle her daughter’s music career: “We would kill each other”

Andrew MacPherson

Back in February, Pink’s daughter Willow Sage Hart scored her first Billboard chart hit when “Cover Me In Sunshine,” her song with her mom, debuted at number four on the publication’s Digital Song Sales chart.  That led to Willow herself debuting at #23 on Billboard’s Emerging Artist’s chart.  But Pink says if Willow does end up being a musician, she doesn’t want to be the one handling her career.

While speaking to the U.K.’s Hits Radio, Pink said she’d never want to be Willow’s “momager.”

“No, we would kill each other. She’s nine and I know that. Oh, hell, no!” Pink laughed. “Honestly, she’s sending me Zillow listings of condos near Disneyland, that’s kinda where her head is at right now.”

In one scene in Pink’s upcoming Amazon documentary Pink: All I Know So Far, Willow says she doesn’t want a record contract. On the other hand, the film was shot before the release of “Cover Me In Sunshine.”

Willow and her brother Jameson and their antics get nearly as much camera time in the documentary as their mom does.  “They’re nuts!” laughs Pink to Hits Radio. “But it’s just so much fun to let your kids be nuts.”

Jameson in particular steals the show; he’s usually seen running around wearing nothing but a diaper.  Pink jokes, “The editing was fun on that documentary because he’s always naked!  I was like, ‘Can you Photoshop a diaper on that? ‘Cause I’m gonna get in trouble!'”

The documentary debuts on Amazon Prime Video on May 21.

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