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FULL SHOW: Monday, June 27th, 2022

FULL SHOW: Monday, June 27th, 2022

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Win Brooke’s Bucks (06/27/22)

Have a knack for trivia? Well, so does Brooke… Try to answer as many questions right as you can in 30 seconds. If you answer more correctly than Brooke, you win 100 bucks! Good luck!

Whatcha Doin' at the UFO Festival?

Over the weekend, believers from all over the galaxy gathered at one annual event… And Jose and Alexis were right there with their microphones in hand, to probe them with a simple question…Whatcha doin’ at the UFO festival?

Second Date Update: Doggy Bag

The guy on the phone for today’s Second Date got raked over the coals for something seemingly innocent he did at the tail end of his date. We need you to weigh in if it was out or bounds or not!

Phone Tap: Timid Benjamin Knows Sales

They say you need a killer instinct to be successful in sales, and that means the character Jeffrey is playing in today’s Phone Tap must be the worst salesman on planet earth.

Loser Line (06/27/22)

Don’t give that creep at the bar your number! Slip him the Loser Line number instead and we’ll play his awful voicemail on the air! To get the LOSER LINE phone number text “LOSER” to 78592.

Laser Stories (06/27/22)

Weird news stories from around the world… with a healthy dose of lasers added in. Does it make sense? No not really, but it doesn’t HAVE TO… it’s “Laser Stories”!

Shock Collar Question of the Day (06/27/22)

In 1969, The Apollo 11 space flight was one of the most dangerous missions anyone had ever attempted. Not only was NASA not sure the astronauts would be able to get there safely, but there were serious doubts about if they would make it back as well.

Because of that uncertainty, no insurance company would give the crew life insurance policies. So in preparation for the worst case scenario….it was up to the astronauts (themselves) to come up with an ingenious, alternative plan to make sure their families were taken care of. That’s why today, I’m asking you….. How did the Apollo 11 crew plan to make a bunch of money, if they never came back?

Today vs Back In The Day

PODCAST EXCLUSIVE: We’re pitting the generations against each other with the ultimate trivia game! It’s Brooke vs. Alexis! Millennials have been frustrated with Alexis for weeks now… Let’s see if today she can prove she knows SOMETHING about the 90’s!

FULL SHOW: Friday, June 24th, 2022

FULL SHOW: Friday, June 24th, 2022

Curious if we look as bad as we sound? Follow us at: