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Phone Taps

Binge listen to the Phone Taps you hear Weekday Morning’s on Brooke & Jeffrey in The Morning! We promise you’ll laugh!

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap PODCAST: Butter Me Up

Jubal rented one of those high end cameras and a few lights… And unfortunately, he got himself into a bit of a “situation” doing his home photo shoot. He calls up the rental company… Hopefully the guy on the other line can help!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Deliver My Package

Jubal needs to get a SPECIAL package through airport security… He’s about to see if one airline employee is dedicated enough to their job to follow his shady instruction… After all.. she doesn’t know what’s in this box…. 

Phone Tap PODCAST: Bingo Con

Jubal calls a woman who just won the GRAND PRIZE at a Bingo Hall the other night… the thing is… he KNOWS that she cheated. He doesn’t know HOW, but he needs that prize back. And we’ll just say… She. Goes. Nuts.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Vending Machine Ripoff

Jubal calls a woman who wants her money back…She feels like she’s been WRONGED by the company vending machine too many times! Good thing he’s got a few solutions for her… Hear it in the Phone Tap.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Obando Columbia

No one enjoys calls from automated voices to confirm appointments… So we brought in our OWN voice robot to help a man who is making reservations. Listen in the Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: New Company Dress Code

It’s no secret that most people really hate company dress codes… Most people just murmur about their discontent under their own breath… But the guy in today’s Phone Tap is ready to speak up about it!


Jubal calls a guest who has made MULTIPLE calls to confirm her hotel reservation and informs her that due to her high maintenance habits… She and her entire wedding party will be TAKEN OFF of the reservation list!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Dark Web Fairytales

A lady who is tired of dating losers and weirdos is set up with Craig, the author of dark children books… pretty freaky stuff… Check out how their pre-date phone conversation went on your Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Worst Car Mechanic Ever

Jubal calls a woman who recently brought her car into the mechanic for a simple fix… The problem is that every time he fixes one thing another gets broken. Hear her reaction in today’s Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Shop Till You Drop

Jubal poses as a customer rep from a clothing company telling a shopper that she is invited to be the very FIRST customer of a huge sale…BUT he needs some of her PRIVATE, financial information first that he thinks she’s gullible enough to get… Hear the Phone Tap.