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Phone Taps

Binge listen to the Phone Taps you hear Weekday Morning’s on Brooke & Jeffrey in The Morning! We promise you’ll laugh!

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Sausage Island Getaway

Brooke’s calling a woman and telling her she won an island vacation to the Caribbean, just as long as she ditches her boyfriend for a beach full of hot singles.

Phone Tap: Zira The AI Fitness Sherpa

The guy we’re Phone Tapping has a new smart watch fitness tracker and what he doesn’t know is it includes a FREE UPGRADE with a special Brooke & Jeffrey AI to motivate him!

Phone Tap: Happy Cable Anniversary

Today’s Phone Tap victim is getting some GOOD NEWS courtesy of Jose calling from her cable company! She’s been such a loyal customer, we’re gonna load her up with the worst channels to ever grace the airwaves.

Phone Tap: Naughty Nana

A listener asked us to prank her brother after he sent their Grandpa’s old knick knacks to be appraised by an antiques dealer…And he’s about to learn some NEW THINGS about his PeePaw he never wanted to hear.

Phone Tap: On Time Late Fee

Jeff’s calling a guy and telling him he’s been paying rent ON-TIME for far too long. As his landlord, he would love if he could pay rent late so he could collect fees. Should be an easy ask right?

Phone Tap: Stoner Max the Retirement Chef

Today’s Phone Tap victim is hiring for a chef at a retirement community, and instead of a well-trained master of cuisine, we’re sending her “Stoner Max” with some genius new food ideas.

Phone Tap: Work From Home Overwatch

Working from home might be nice for some, but for today’s Phone Tap victim, Brooke’s gonna be moving into his house to make sure he’s ACTUALLY working hard.

Phone Tap: Gimme Your Stereo

Jeff calls a guy who is selling a stereo on Facebook Marketplace… He’s shown up at his place while he’s not home to demand he sell it to him, NOW!

Phone Tap: BinocuBuddies

In your Phone Tap, Jose call a guy who lives in a tall apartment building to tell him he’s been caught SNOOPING on his neighbors with bincoulars and now it’s time he gets a taste of his own medicine.

Phone Tap: Scalpels of Love

Today’s Phone Tap victim recently matched with a doctor on a dating app, and Jeff’s stepping in to be that flirty doctor… but, at the moment his hands might be full with an active surgery!