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Phone Taps

Binge listen to the Phone Taps you hear Weekday Morning’s on Brooke & Jeffrey in The Morning! We promise you’ll laugh!

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Timid Benjamin Knows Sales

They say you need a killer instinct to be successful in sales, and that means the character Jeffrey is playing in today’s Phone Tap must be the worst salesman on planet earth.

Phone Tap: Airline Seating Surprise

Today’s Phone Tap Victim has an unwelcome surprise in store for her next flight, and today we’re calling from the airline to break the news!

Phone Tap: Ain't Nothin' But a Phone Ring

In today’s Phone Tap, we’re going to use every ringtone on earth to try and mess with a woman who just wants to connect with a dating app match for the first time.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Small Package Towing

In your Phone Tap, we’re calling a guy at work and telling him we’ve towed his car. Not only that, but his car CLEARLY says a lot about what he’s got going on in the equipment department.

Phone Tap: Smart Car Feedback

Today’s Phone Tap victim is skeptical about how “smart” his car really is… so we’re calling to tell him all the scientifically precise ways that he’s a terrible driver, car owner, and bad person in-general.

Phone Tap : Restaurant Healer

Instead of hearing out a customer about their unsatisfactory dining experience, Brooke is instead going to give him something better… Perspective… Namaste. 

Phone Tap: I Have A Pen An Apple Pen

Today, Brooke is running the customer service desk after a long night… And she just can’t stay awake long enough to help our Phone Tap victim with his issue…

Phone Tap: Raiden's on a Rampage

We’re instituting a new policy where your food delivery drivers are allowed to eat a REASONABLE amount of your food. And our Phone Tap victim is NOT HAPPY about it.

Phone Tap: Rolando Mattress Guarantee

Rolando is back for a brand new Phone Tap! Today we’re calling a mattress customer and telling him his purchase has been certified by a “Rolando Guarantee!”

Phone Tap: Company Needs You to Step Up

In today’s Phone Tap, we’re calling an employee to tell them that everything in the office is going to start costing money…. And we mean EVERYTHING…