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Phone Taps

Binge listen to the Phone Taps you hear Weekday Morning’s on Brooke & Jeffrey in The Morning! We promise you’ll laugh!

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Office Kisses

Before today’s Phone Tap victim starts at his new job, we’re calling him to let him know that the office has some team-bonding activities that are much more… affectionate than he’s used to.

Phone Tap: Make My Brulee

We were given an interesting challenge for today’s Phone Tap: Could we convince someone to do us a favor and make an entire recipe from scratch? Jose’s attempting it and we’ll see how far he gets!

Phone Tap: Fit Force Factory

Brooke calls a gym with a state of the art new technology idea: Virtual Reality Fitness. There’s never been a cooler way to NOT work out!

Phone Tap: Guitar Zero

Today’s Phone Tap victim always goes to Guitar Center and never buys anything and we think that’s worth a permanent banishment!

Phone Tap: DJ Post Mortem

In today’s Phone Tap we’re trying to make arrangements for a funeral service/rave for a rambunctious 90 year old. Should be easy, right?

Phone Tap: Package Problems

Jose is trying to deliver a package and it comes complete with a headache for our Phone Tap victim!

Phone Tap: You Need Theraflix

We’re calling from Netflix and our Depression Algorithm has found someone who might be having a rough time, so we’ve prescribed them a “Theraflix” to help!

Phone Tap: Big Big Energy

In today’s Phone Tap, Jeff calls a vitamin & supplement shop…He’s asking for a specific product he KNOWS they don’t sell in store… But they’re going to try and help him anyways…

Phone Tap: Ed Daniels Aryan Arugula

Jose’s turning into an investigative reporter and looking into some unsavory accusations happening at a local fitness center…

Phone Tap: Allen Wants Your Grandma

You can find love in some strange places. Today’s Phone Tap victim is discovering a love connection, but it’s not his own. It’s between his sweet grandmother and a new addition to her retirement home!