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Second Date Update

Binge listen to all the Second Date Update’s you haven’t heard yet on Brooke & Jeffrey in The Morning. We promise you’ll laugh!

Latest Episodes

Second Date Update PODCAST: Bat Date

Matt’s creative idea lead to a LINE of people waiting to take a photo with his date…And now she won’t call him back! Is dating a celebrity as good as it sounds??

Second Date Update PODCAST: Spread Your Legs

Kenny had a SLIP-UP on his date….He said something really embarrassing that he didn’t mean!! Find out what he said and we’ll try and help him recover in this brand new Second Date Update!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Farmers Market Love

Andrew took his date to see a psychic… But knowing what lies ahead BACKFIRED on him! What Michelle learned about their future together might be the reason she isn’t calling him back…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Mommy Bath Time

One woman today is making history…because what her date shared with her might be the most intimate and vulnerable thing we’ve ever heard… Or maybe the most DISTURBING. Either way, it’s a date you WON’T forget!!