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Second Date Update

Binge listen to all the Second Date Update’s you haven’t heard yet on Brooke & Jeffrey in The Morning. We promise you’ll laugh!

Latest Episodes

Second Date Update: The Rule of 3

When you think of a moment of passion on a first date, just one might be enough to secure a second date. But THREE happened on today’s listener’s date and she’s BAFFLED over why she’s not getting a call back.

Second Date Update: Tragedy To The Rescue

If only the woman from today’s Second Date had taken Netflix’s suggestion for a romantic movie, none of this would have happened. She didn’t and now she’s begging us for help!

Second Date Update: The Irish Jig Is Up

The guy in today’s Second Date spent one hour with his date’s MOM and now he isn’t calling her daughter back. What did mom say that scared him away?

Second Date Update: The Situationship

The woman in today’s Second Date is stuck somewhere between a casual courtship and exclusively non-exclusive. So we’re gonna try to clear things up for her!

Second Date Update UPDATE: Fearsome Foursome

Anthony and Mallory were on our show just a few short months ago, but now we’ve gotten in contact with them for an update on how their blossoming romance has been going ever since…

Second Date Update: No Ghost For You

The woman in today’s Second Date believes she’s CRACKED the code on finding the perfect match and although we’re skeptical, she swears it works!

Second Date Update: Feel For The Third Wheel

One of our listeners got to that crucial post-date moment where a kiss SHOULD happen, but she hesitated… what caused her to blow her big chance? Your Second Date will explain next!

Second Date Update: Match, Mix and Repeat

The woman in today’s Second Date says the other patrons of the restaurant were giving her weird looks all night, all because of one thing she was compulsively doing. Did it cause the guy she was with to ditch her?

Second Date Update: Getting Wiggy With It

The couple in today’s Second Date tried to portray themselves as successful artists at a gallery opening, but all of their lies caught up with them!