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Second Date Update

Binge listen to all the Second Date Update’s you haven’t heard yet on Brooke & Jeffrey in The Morning. We promise you’ll laugh!

Latest Episodes

Second Date Update PODCAST: Discount Dining

One of our listener’s claims he has a fool-proof way of picking out the perfect restaurant for a date, while getting VIP treatment and a discount… And it’s actually disgusting!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Mexican Walkout

What do you do when you can see your date getting less interested in your as the night goes on? One of our listeners had that problem and tried everything…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Train Wreck

The listener on the phone today was DITCHED by his date right when it started…But he wasn’t ready for it to end and took a HUGE RISK that paid off…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Layover Love

We have a real-life “unicorn” on the phone with us…At least in the dating world…She’s a kind, caring, hot FLIGHT ATTENDANT. If she can’t get another date is there hope…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Slept Like A Baby

Ditching someone in the middle of a first date is arguably the WORST thing you can do…But our listener on the phone today did it anyways. He swears he has…