Police shoot up UPS truck, killing two innocent people

Four people are dead, including a hostage and an innocent bystander, after police unleashed a barrage of bullets on a hijacked UPS truck in the middle of rush hour traffic.
Coral Gables, Florida police say the incident began Thursday after two armed robbers hit a jewelry store, commandeered the delivery truck, taking the driver hostage, then led police on a high speed chase.
NBC Miami reports 19 officers fired at the truck. The UPS driver, both suspects, and a female bystander were killed.
Brandon Friedman, a former HUD official calls the incident “appalling” and told media that authorities should be held accountable for “choosing to assault the vehicle in the middle of stopped rush hour traffic” essentially using the other people on the road as “human shields.”
Did police make the wrong call? Should all officers who fired lose their jobs and never be allowed to work in law enforcement again? Is this way beyond ‘just doing their job?’