R Kelly Now Being Investigated in Detroit

R. Kelly’s list of problems has grown more after it’s been revealed that he’s being investigated for having sex with a girl when she was 13 and giving her herpes.
The alleged victim says that in 2001 they first had sex in a Detroit hotel and then at his studio in Detroit back in 2001.
They continued to have a relationship for four years and during that time she contracted herpes.
Even though the victim no longer lives in Detroit, authorities say she’ll be flown in for an interview regarding the allegations.
Are the allegations against R. Kelly beginning to be too much?
He appeared in court yesterday, however not for his sexual abuse allegations but for child support that he still owes his ex-wife, Drea Kelly. Kelly arrived in court with his legal team to hash out the minimum payment of $161,000 that he owes which the court ordered him to pay by March 6th.
The judge jailed Kelly since he wasn’t able to come up with the $161,000, he was escorted out of the courtroom, an interview with CBS This Morning’s Gayle King, where Kelly voiced his frustration about not being able to have a relationship with his children.
With the allegations and after seeing the interview, do you think R. Kelly should be able to see his children?
In addition, there’s a lot to unpack from this morning’s R. Kelly interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning.
R. Kelly maintained his innocence in the wake of 10 counts over aggravated sexual abuse.
At one point, Kelly got out of his chair and began screaming at the camera. King maintained her composure. She said the interview had to be paused so Kelly could compose himself.

The entire conversation is 80-minutes long. Only a portion was shown. CBS This Morning will air more of it on Thursday.
There are a lot of layers to the interview. Clips and more quotes are inside the story link.
After seeing the interview, are you swayed more in either way when it comes to innocence or guilt?