Ray J And Princess Love Address Family Drama

Princess Love put Ray J. on blast earlier this week when she announced on social media that her husband left her and her daughter in Las Vegas. Princess said Ray J has stranded them there and had blocked her phone calls.
Ray J. finally answered the allegations on Thursday by posting an Instagram video. Ray J. said, “I’ve dedicated my life to my family. To insinuate that I would do anything to harm my daughter is just sad.”
He continued, “I just don’t understand how somebody can get ‘stranded’ when we never left! To take to social media and create this crazy story about me leaving my baby in harm’s way is not cool.”
Princess fired back in her own IG Live video saying they got into a fight over Ray J. wanting to move to Las Vegas. Princess wasn’t having it. The discussion got so heated that each of them threatened divorce.
Do you hate when messy relationships spillover on social media or do you get a bag of popcorn and watch the madness?