RHOP Candiace Dillard Receives ‘Violent’ Vitriol After Sunday’s Episode

After Candiace’s very spicy interaction with Mia, social media had a lot to say to her.
Candiace wrote, the violent, angry, sick responses that you all have to what you watch on 43 minutes of a reality show says much more about your character than it will ever say about me.
She then shared an angry email from a watcher that called her a bottom of the gutter b- and a disrespectful c— The person also demanded an apology to Mia.
Candiace added, harassment is reported to the authorities.
The person quickly apologized writing, I just don’t like bullying that’s why I went off. I apologize.
Have you ever got into a social ‘spat’ with someone you don’t know either a celebrity or non-celeb?