Rihanna Upsets Fans As She Breaks Social Media Silence After Pregnancy Announcement

Fans were upset at Rihanna after the singer and mom-to-be broke her social media silence following her pregnancy only to announce new lipsticks from her Fenty line.

Several fans questioned why she was posting about the new lip shades and not her newly announced pregnancy, “I mean, miss ma’am…… this ain’t what we wanna see right now from you,” posted one fan.

“No way did you just announce your pregnancy and instead of posting it posted a new lipstick,” a second said, as a third added: “Post your pregnancy pics.”

“Now for the love of God say something about the pregnancy,” said another. It’s safe to say Rihanna will continue to be focused on business until the baby is born.

Do you think Rihanna will be open with her pregnancy?