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Ritt Momney hopes fans can "get on board with" the music he releases after "Put Your Records On"

Daniel Prakopcyk

Ritt Momney‘s breakthrough single, a cover of Corinne Bailey Rae‘s 2006 hit “Put Your Records On,” has left him with an interesting dilemma: He’s afraid that people won’t like any of his original songs.

The artist, born Jack Rutter, tells ABC Audio of the song’s success, “Of course, when all this is happening, the first feeling is like, ‘Oh, this is awesome!’ And then the next feeling is, like, ‘Oh man, what am I going to do? All these people are going to hate what I put out next!”

As Jack explains, his usual music isn’t really anything like “Put Your Records On.”

“The stuff that I’m working on now, it’s definitely less sunshiny, it’s less happy,” he explains. “Which I hope people can get on board with.”

But he’s not knocking his success at all.

“Of course, it’s really exciting that that many more people are going to listen to my next music — even if, like, they turn it off after the first time,” he admits. “But I definitely am in a very fortunate position right now.”

But if “Put Your Records On” is so different from his regular music, why did Jack cover the song in the first place?  Turns out he was having writer’s block, so he decided to work on a producing a cover just to take the pressure off.  And, he says, it did the trick.

As he tells ABC Audio, “Working on that cover really did help me through that in a lot of ways it kind of just helped me remember like, ‘Oh yeah, this is fun to do. This is an enjoyable experience to work on music.'”

By Andrea Dresdale
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